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Body & Soul Coach
I am a certified breathing, fitness and nutrition coach that loves to inspire others to adopt a more active lifestyle. I am aware on how hard it can be to get out of your safety box and how physical activity and mindfulness can help you overcome your boundaries and find the courage to live the life you always wanted. Together we will discover how you can breathe, eat and move in a way that feels right to you, be more confident, stronger, and increase your performance. Not only because it's healthy, but because it reflects the real you!

I Would Like To Introduce You To vanessa, your body coach.

Childhood and growing up

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As a middle child, she was rather calm and introverted. She found joy and friends during various sports activities.

She moved to Munich for her studies of computer science to become a Software and System Engineer. A year later, she moved to Berlin, which soon became the center of her life for the next seven years.​

Sports Experience

In her childhood, she got the opportunity to experience a variety of sports – from ballet, field athletics, tennis, and basketball to fencing, which she practiced actively for almost 20 years. She often remembers how her mother would drive her to different regions in Germany to participate in fencing competitions. During one of these events, she got to know her now (and for many years) best friend, discovering early that real friendship goes beyond the borders of cities or countries. While studying abroad, the local fencing club was always for her the anchor and first social contact point.

After moving to Berlin and being surrounded by nature with beautiful lakes, she fell in love with rowing. She actively practiced this on-water sport for several years until a chronic injury to her forearm let her switch to an equal passion, which was – and still is – the long-distance running. While running and training with professional running companions, she learned the importance of core exercises and balancing for a healthy body and to reach the best performance. By strengthening her muscles, she could extend her runs from 20 minutes duration to half-marathon level (21,09 km).

Dreaming of finishing a marathon (with an optimal posture until the finish line), she is still training in indoor gyms and at home, making a healthy and strong body a priority. After a discovery journey through body strengthening machines, group fitness classes, personal training, and cross-fit, she is now training herself to build her musculoskeletal system through the practice of weight lifting, functional exercises, and mobilization training. She is specializing in functional training, functional box workout, stretching, mobilization, and nutrition.

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Coming Out

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Growing up in a family consisting of independent women taught her that leading a life on her own was a valid option. Living alone wouldn’t decrease the chances of her being happy. She never felt the need to force herself into being in a relationship so that she wouldn’t be on her own. Her motto has always been that she rather be single than in an unhappy unfulfilling relationship with some man. So by following her personal choice, she led a single life for over a decade – knowing that her happiness would not depend on someone else. Nevertheless, she experienced various failed attempts trying to be in love and have a relationship with a man. When working in an environment of being the only woman among 40 men, she was still wondering why there was no one attracting her. ​

She was scared to become even more an outsider in her social life. On various occasions throughout her life – from classmates (and sports teachers ;-)) in school as a teenager to sports partners as an adult – she somehow knew that she had some feelings for women that were beyond friendly. She was scared of these feelings. Not knowing how to handle them and how to behave, made her feel uncomfortable in the presence of her secret crushes. It still wasn’t clear what was going on inside of her when being around these women. She feared being caught and judged. She wasn’t ready to face these feelings, so she suppressed them. Since she didn’t know how to handle these emotions, she preferred to keep them locked in where it was safer.

At the age of 35, thanks to some significant circumstances, she  decided that she was done with hiding and realized that now it’s the right time to clarify what she really wanted. It took a lot of courage and lonely paths to get out of her then comfort zone. In fast forward mode, she went from a ‘long term single sports enthusiast’ to a ’35-year-old teenager’ starting over to discover her sexuality and feelings. Being finally out to herself, she came out to her family and friends, who responded positively, curiously, and supportively. After these revelations, she decided to not hide ever again.

Vanessa found it already hard to meet men – so how could she get in contact with women that love women? Soon after her coming out, she decided to register in a dating app where she met her first girlfriend. 

the ONE Relationship

She gave up a safe and cozy life in Berlin. Vanessa started her Ph.D. studies on data science and wearable devices for monitoring patients with chronic diseases at the ETH in Zurich. She was in a place in her life where she knew what she wanted and now needed to go for it. Some months after moving to the foreign country, this relationship was coming to its end.​

Going out on her own always meant for Vanessa to take all her courage and leave her comfort zone. Putting herself into this position always rewarded her in the form of positive experiences and encounters. During a bar evening, she met her second girlfriend. Love wasn’t as mutually strong as Vanessa was hoping, and some months later, this relationship reached harmoniously to an end. Through mutual respect and appreciation, they built a beautiful friendship.

Vanessa and I met in Zurich through her previous girlfriend in 2016. We became friends, and one year later, the right time had come for both of us to take a step forward together. Since Mai 2017, I have the honor of calling Vanessa my girlfriend! Having a positive attitude towards recognizing an obstacle and how to grow from it made a difference in our relationship and in our lives. One of our main common goals since we met has been the thirst to develop into the person we wanted to become but never dared to even try before. We decided to follow our dream of becoming coaches together every step of the way by each one offering what she is most best at. We agreed that we will never lose focus on our goal, which is to live a life full of joy and emotional fulfilment through supporting others

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Ready to support you

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In 2018 she registered into an empowering self-growth mentoring program that helped her develop and discover her strongest qualities and her life mission: to support others through sports. During this self-growth program, she learned that to achieve your goals and find out what your capabilities are, you need to be grounded, focused, present, and mindful. In essence, you need to connect to yourself. She was introduced to meditation, which turned out to be a life-changing practice for her.​

Regardless of our different temperaments, we are both people that strongly feel the need to support others. She is gifted for having this calm energy, making you trust that she always got your back – cause she does. As a trainer, she is very positive and patient no matter what is the level of achievement of the person she took under her wing. Vanessa loves to cheer others up and let them know – thanks to her positive and unbelievably un-judgmental personality – how unique and special they are. She will hold your hand tightly till the finish line of each one of your goals. She is holding mine every single day!

Written by Lucie, Switzerland, 2020


  • Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Instructor
  • Z-Health® Movement Rehabilitation & Integration Specialist (R-Phase, I-Phase)
  • Fitness Instructor Basic License
  • Certified Functional Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition® Level 1 Certified Coach
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