The ultimate mind shift to understand and defeat overwhelm

Read this if you feel overwhelmed.

The noise and busyness of life can make us behave as if we are on autopilot. We are so distracted from accomplishing our daily tasks that we forget that this is not the only way of living. We rarely pause from our endless marathon, and then suddenly and out of nowhere, we are overwhelmed, everything is too much, and we break down.

When we cannot understand what is truly happening to us, as a first reflex, the self-blame starts. Our first intuitive explanation is that it’s our fault that we cannot fulfill our duties, and we are probably doing something wrong since others are succeeding without complaining. We perceive ourselves as this unbeatable machine that no matter what you do to it, no matter how you treat it, it should always perform at its best.

We are rarely compassionate towards our poor human body and mind, enduring all our madness. Not only do we abuse them by putting them into impossible situations that make absolutely no sense, but we blame them for getting tired, giving up, getting sick, bringing resistance, having unreasonable mood swings, and performing poorly.

When we cross the invisible line and overdo it, our body and mind give us all these clear signals saying they had enough. These signals appear through symptoms like brain fog, migraines, aggressive reactions, lack of patience, mixed emotions, body aches, etc. We can also feel that performing one more task or physical activity is an unbearable chore. But despite the clarity of the messages that our mind and body are sending us, we translate them into a harsh voice saying: I am lazy, I am incompetent, I lack knowledge, I am worthless, I am unreliable, I cannot commit to anything. But what our mind and body are really saying and even screaming at us is: I am tired.

Such a simple concept and yet, hard to admit to ourselves that the truth to justify why our bodies and minds are failing us is that simple.

Yes, we are tired

 …and it happens to the best of us!

Our mind and body don’t care about our insane expectations and ambitions, what the board of directors will say, how the KPIs are doing for the latest quarter, or what the investors expect. Our mind and body only care about our survival and longevity!

It’s in our most urgent best interest to prioritize and focus on that. 

Our mind and body are no different from a newborn baby or a puppy crying, being in discomfort, and trying to communicate to us what it needs. We would never ignore a fragile being that is suffering. But so often, we do it to ourselves. Have you noticed that? 

Puppy running

The next time you feel overwhelmed or any time you catch yourself thinking, “I am lazy,” pause for a moment and genuinely ask yourself out loud, how tired are you right now? 

Caring and giving time to take care of our mind and body is the ultimate gesture of self-love, and we can start doing it right now. It’s possible, simple, and will change your life.

Not sure from where to start? We are here to support you in transforming your daily life into whatever you dream it to be!

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