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The coming out coaches

Live & speak your truth and be seen for who you really are!


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Understand & accept who you are and increase your confidence to show others who you are

One-on-One support

We combine coaching and breathing sessions in a way that you embrace who you are and feel confident to be your true self without feeling the need of anybody’s approval. Your approval will always come first, and it will be the only prerequisite for you to feel free and live your life as you have dreamt it!

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Support for Allies

We support family members, friends, (ex-) partners, colleagues, managers, teachers, team-mates, and anyone that need help to accept and support other people’s truths or also their own truth to create caring and loving environments and relationships where we can all be appreciated for who we really are.


We come to your workplace and present interactive workshops increasing awareness and actions towards creating safe environments for all of us to mutually be seen and appreciated for who we really are, also at work. That will increase productivity, sense of belonging, wellbeing, and overall fulfilment. We also offer coaching one-on-one or group at the workplace.

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Consequences of not living our truth

So often we choose to suppress who we are rather than embrace and be proud of all elements that makes us unique.

That has a tremendous impact on so many aspects of our life such as our happiness, our behaviors, our actions, our emotions, our general wellbeing, our future. 

End for good the unbearable feeling of suppression.

Finally live and speak your truth in a way that makes sense to you and that brings you joy every single day.

You will feel liberated, you will smile, you will breathe, you will be you!

Benefits of living our truth

Our truth could concern so many topics

Our sexuality, our gender identity, our health (such as visible or hidden disabilities and chronic conditions, mental health, neurodiversity, etc.), our living and financial situation, our traumas, our fears, our failures, our talents, our dreams, our wishes, and all these aspects that are part of who we are, and we are afraid to share with others.

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Lucie & Vanessa,
The Coming Out Coaches

We used to hide and suppress who we were out of fear of being rejected and ending up alone. That caused severe damage to our life, happiness and above all our health. We couldn’t take this anymore and we knew something needed to change so we can finally live our life in a way that fits us, that reflects who we are and what our dreams are. And we want to support you do the same! 

The feeling of being our true self is something that everyone should experience and live every single day.

How we work together

Coaching Sessions

During the coaching sessions there is no predefined agenda. We focus exclusively on your needs and set together the outcomes that you wish to achieve. We believe that each individual can and must decide what is right for themselves (as long as they do not harm or endanger themselves or others).

Breathing Sessions

During the breathing sessions we bring the attention to the body and mind, pause life and come to the present moment, realizing the power and control we have over ourselves and our life. We bring simple breathing techniques (Oxygen Advantage®) that are based on science and that can transform how we feel, think, act, and perceive our reality.

Available Worldwide

Sessions and workshops are held online worldwide (in Switzerland, live presence upon agreement)


Sessions and workshops can be offered in English, French and Greek.


Our support ALWAYS prioritizes your safety and well-being following YOUR personal needs and wishes.


Discretion and safe space guaranteed. You are in good hands!

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Read What Our Clients Say About Their Experience With Us

The Coming Out Coaches helped me understand who I really was. I was always attracted to women but never knew that it was a part of me. I finally realized that I wanted a relationship with a man and a women. I got up the courage to tell my boyfriend that I would also like a girlfriend at some point and he was accepting of it. I feel so free now, even though I don’t have a girlfriend yet…but I know I have the freedom to look and be myself. This has given me more confidence and freedom to be myself. Thank you coming out coaches!

Katie, 34, California

When I decided to start my sessions with The Coming Out Coaches, I was stuck in a constant loop of negative self-talking, while being so exhausted by hating my body. After my sessions with them, there has been an amazing transformation: it is the first time in my life that at last I look at me with compassion and offer myself genuine acts of self-care! [...]

Diana, 37, Switzerland

The Coming Out Coaches facilitated an impactful event for our team. Lucie and Vanessa’s thought-provoking presentation challenged us and led to meaningful conversations following the session.

Rodrigo, Managing Director, Switzerland

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