We are taking the opportunity to spread our message. Check out the shows where we have been on.

Vanessa Podcast Vittoria

Vanessa’s Coming Out turned their life around – Give me a chance podcast by Vittoria

Vanessa shares her story and describes how coming out changed the course of her life.

Lucie and Vanessa green field scaled

Lucie and Vanessa @ Get UNSTUCK, live HAPPY and FREE with Rick

Do you want to stop hiding from your own truth? Do you need to come out to the world about something? Are you scared to be free? In Rick’s podcast, we talk about getting unstuck through sharing our truth.

Podcast Lu Vit

Lucie’s Life in a 17-minutes nutshell – Give me a chance podcast by Vittoria

Lucie traveling back in time and revealing important turning points in her life.

Live and learn pride coming out

The Coming Out Coaches @ ‘Live & Learn’ with Shivraj Parshad

Coming out can be scary – and is it only individuals on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum that have to come out? Listen to find out what it is about. 😉

Refreshingly Human

What does ‘coming out’ mean to you? – Refreshingly Human by Hannah Pillow

Coming out has a very specific meaning in this day and age. However, the term Coming out can be applied to everyone! Have you ever thought about what this means in your own life?

Jampacked Podcast

COMING OUT w/ The Coming Out Coaches: Vanessa & Lucie – Jampacked Podcast

We talked about so many LGBTQIA+ topics but also about the amazing heterosexual individuals that are in our lives and how to make these relationships stronger so we can all live a life being true to ourselves in all possible ways!

Just a convo podcast

You Choose How You Treat Yourself – Just a convo podcast by Jonathan Fors

Accepting who you are is oftentimes a life-long journey and mission, as it not only requires a lot of self-love but also self-confidence.

Talking in zig zag

Breathe In…Coming Out – Talking in Zig Zags by Ryan Henry

Talking with Ryan Henry about increasing self-care, our coming outs, and how to focus on yourself.

Fearless podcast

Self-Love & Self-Acceptance – The Fearless and Successful Podcast by Dijana Llugolli

Our first invitation to a podcast – with our coach Dijana Llugolli

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