our approach for corporate individuals

Be yourself at work

As a service part of your diversity, equity and inclusion program (DEI), we come to your professional environment, anywhere in the world online, and in Switzerland offline.

Based on your company’s needs, we present to you interactive workshops to increase the well-being of your employees.

Benefits at the workplace

What you can gain

Our approach encourages all individuals to be their authentic self.

We focus on switching the perspective on how colleagues perceive each other in their daily life at work.

We teach breathing techniques to be used by all employees during the working hours as a tool to be more compassionate, calm, focused and prepared for whatever they want to achieve.

Important benefits for being our true selves at work:

  • Create incredible professional environments
  • Feel appreciated 
  • Feel safe to be their true selves
  • Feel seen for their uniqueness
  • Perfom better at their tasks
  • Create strong relationships with their colleagues and supervisors
  • Above all, be happier and healthier

Examples & Formats

Iceberg empty 1

I can see you. Can you see me?

The goal

  • To transform how you perceive others around you
  • To allow others to see who you really are

Online Workshops

We are prepared to deliver events online through Zoom or using the tool that fits your needs.

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What others say

The Coming Out Coaches facilitated an impactful event for our team. Lucie and Vanessa’s thought-provoking presentation challenged us and led to meaningful conversations following the session.

Managing Director
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