Sometimes, we start writing and we cannot stop.

How to create safe environments for everybody to be their true selves

How to easily create safe environments for everyone to be their true selves

Creating safe environments takes less effort than you might think. Just unlearn the following two behaviors…

What does coming out mean and why it concern us all

What does coming out mean and why it concerns us all

You may think that Coming Out does not concern you because you don’t feel that you belong to the LGBTQIA+ community. Actually, Coming Out means so much more and might matter also for you!

5 people 2 hugging

Are the people in our environment truly OUR people

We are impacted by the people around us. How do we recognise the people that influence us in a positive way? And why do we care?

Puppy sleeping arms

The ultimate mind shift to understand and defeat overwhelm

Read this if you feel overwhelmed.

7 thoughts about being transgender

7 thoughts about being transgender and trans-form your perspective

On the occasion of the Transgender Awareness Week 2021, we compiled some thoughts around being transgender to create a better understanding.

Control overwhelming thoughts

Hurry, you will miss your bus!

The ride that will change your life.

Morning routine

What is the one thing that my non-morning-routine taught me

Eighteen months ago, I resigned from my unfulfilling corporate job and pursued my dream to become a life coach and support others.

Your opinion

Your opinion about me has nothing to do with me, it has to do with you

Like so many of us, I have lived the biggest part of my life, making choices based on other people’s opinions or guidance.


A pandemic? I’ve got this!

When everybody’s life got shaken as soon as the lockdowns started, mine didn’t.

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