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We believe that behind each happy person, happy couple, happy throuple, happy family, happy friendship or happy society, are individuals that are living a fulfilling and joyful life by being true to themselves. If you wish to get to know us as individuals even before meeting us as coaches, here is the opportunity. Throughout our lives, we had beautiful and fruitful moments as well as critical challenges that shaped who we are today. With our personalities and passions, we will support you become the individual you always wanted to be. Nothing more, nothing less!


Mind & Soul Coach
I am a professional Life Coach with a passion for supporting others to live a fulfilling life by being true to themselves. My personal experience and life challenges have taught me that you can achieve anything you want as long as you put your mind into it. And also that it is ok to ask for help when situations can get to overwhelming. Let's overcome together whatever is stopping you from enjoying being who you really are, this amazing person!


Body & Soul Coach
I am a certified fitness and nutrition coach that loves inspiring others to adopt a more active lifestyle. I am aware on how hard it can be to get out of your safety box and how sports can help you overcome your boundaries and find the courage to live the life you always wanted. Together we will discover how you can move more, become stronger and fuel your body with the right food. Not only because it's healthy, but also because it reflects the real you!

The Coming Out Coaches

We knew that by combining our talents and passions, we could offer an exceptional and transformational holistic coaching approach to single individuals or groups. For us, supporting others to live a life by being true to themselves became the ultimate purpose. After brainstorming our thoughts and ideas, the Coming Out Coaches became a reality! Coming out to yourself, coming out to your environment, coming out to the world, coming out to life and to happiness. Our target audience is human-beings and, more specifically, Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals, Transgenders, Queers/Questionnings, Intersexes, Asexuals, Straights, and through the “+” all the rest that don’t identify themselves from the prementioned categories. We aim to support you be whoever you want to be, overcome any feeling of isolation and lonliness, and increase your happiness.

For those wishing to know more about us

I Would Like To Introduce You To Lucie, your Mind coach.

Childhood and growing up

Lucie's childhood
Lucie's childhood

Growing up in an international family with a Greek father and a French mother, she developed from a very young age a strong sense of diversity and understanding of mixed cultures. Living in a household where deeper feelings, thoughts, or wishes were not mindfully shared but mostly expressed under the form of complaints or even by keeping silence, made her feel like an outsider in her own home. She always tried to create a peaceful and caring environment. Not managing to accomplish that, she would often spend time alone or taking care of stray animals in her neighborhood. Since a very young age, she has been very observant of people’s behaviors and interactions – or lack of interactions – recognizing patterns and repetitive behaviors. She would also pay close attention to nature and animals, noticing how more harmonious and peaceful they would coexist and lead together the course of their existence. These elements strongly shaped her personality towards being more aware of people and environments, being more compassionate, having a stronger drive for transformation and personal growth, and at the end of the day, choosing to be different – choosing to be herself.

Except for meeting her best friend at the age of 7 (which is as close as a sister to her since then), these 12 years were not fun. She didn’t like to play the girls’ games, and the boys were treating her competitively cause she was good at sports and probably also cause she didn’t behave as a more regular girl. At the age of 19, she came fully out to herself as well as to her parents. They both supported her about her sexuality. Soon after, she started to go online and found an mIRC chat room with women living in her city. Through this big chat room, she had the opportunity to feel like she was finally at the right place! She made great friends with whom she had an essential point in common: they were all just being true to themselves – at least during the chatting time.

She participated in running competitions and enjoyed very much running as fast as she could, which gave her a feeling of freedom. As a young adult, she started practicing snowboard which she absolutely adored.

She pursued a very intense two years training and then started working in a prestigious hair-salon. Being a hairdresser is one of the toughest professions, where standing and smiling is an 11-hour per day non-negotiable requirement.


Lucie in Switzerland
Lucie in Switzerland

Some bizarre tickling and burning sensations appeared as well as an extreme sense of lack of patience and tolerance towards others. Something was happening to her, and she couldn’t understand what. She ended up resigning from her work. Two weeks later, when she came back from an intense snowboarding weekend, she had persistent pain all over her body. Within a week, she couldn’t walk.

Her journey began involving painful treatments with intolerable side effects and on trying to figure out a new life from scratch. Her physical condition was varying a lot without knowing how the next day would be. She was able to walk short distances with breaks, but couldn’t walk up stairs or run or snowboard or anything involving too much standing or a good balance. Despite this very challenging turn of her life, she never lost her positive spirit and was always saying that others suffer more than her and that she will be alright.

Following a choice of logic, she had a four-year academic education and became a librarian/archivist. Not being able to find a job in Athens due to the economic crisis, and while starting to feel her body becoming more responsive and strong, she was ready to take further action. She and her then-girlfriend grabbed their dog and cat, jumped into their car, and said goodbye to Greece, starting a new adventure towards an unknown future.

All along this time, she had various professional experiences in libraries and archive facilities and also some additional higher-level studies within the same scientific field. She was connected and collaborated closely with people coming from all over the world. That helped her increase, even more, her understanding on diversity and on people’s behaviors and responses to situations.

the healthiest version of herself

Lucie snowboarding in Atzmännig (CH)
Lucie snowboarding in Atzmännig (CH)

The parade covered a walking distance of around 2.5 km. On that day, she was carrying a cane along with her, available to use in case she needed it. At that time, I was not fully aware of the situation of her health but was wondering about it. When we got to know each other better, I learned a lot on her MS, and she discovered my passion for sports and its value into my life. When Lucie and I got together as a couple in spring 2017, she taught me the importance of appreciating and living in the moment.  She helped me give a different meaning to a nice mindful walk at the beautiful lake of Zurich rather than just having one more sweaty run fully focusing on my performance.

When Lucie told me that her legs were weak, in pain and got easily tired, I thought that she could benefit a lot from a carefully planned strengthening training. Such a plan could increase the strength of her legs and of her musculoskeletal system as a whole. So I put in place a workout plan based on her initial capabilities that she would perform without the need of any equipment. I still remember her starting almost hopelessly performing her very first squat and lunge with the aid of a supporting chair. The first repetition was already a victory. She impressed me with her strong will to fight against the weakness of her legs. She insisted on repeating her exercises often and had a tremendous improvement in her ability to walk and stand. Two years later, in a good and rested day, she is capable of doing a full-body workout in the morning and going for a 5km walk in the afternoon. Such a thing was unimaginable not too long ago. Now she doesn’t need any back-up cane while marching at the Zurich Pride or at any Gay Pride of the world. And guess what? She started snowboarding again!

Nutrition and Discipline

Lucie worshipping Ethiopian food
Lucie worshipping Ethiopian food

Another factor that undoubtedly increased her physical and mental performance was a significant change in her nutrition and cooking habits. Since April 2019, she reduced the consumption of processed foods, sugar, gluten, flour, pasta, legumes, dairy products, and alcohol. Additionally, she added much more water in her daily intake. She even had to reduce eating her favorite Ethiopian food, which was the toughest of all compromises! Challenging at first, but with persistence, she managed to sustain her efforts due to the incredible response of her body. Her stamina increased, her body pain and brain fog decreased, and her will to support others got stronger than ever realising how much power we have over our own body and mind.

Pride & Proud of Her

LuVi Zurich Pride 2019

She did, though, experiment as a teenager with some boys but never reached a strong feeling of connection. In general, she always searched for powerful emotions, romance, and healthy companionship in her long-term relationships, and she found it. Twice! She had a 13-year commitment with a woman that today she calls her closest friend. (And one of mine too, by the way!) They grew up together, traveled through life’s challenges, and transformed into the amazing women they both are today, each one for her own reasons. It was through her that eventually, Lucie and I ended up meeting eachother, changing my life forever.

She needed more. She quit her secure corporate job and knew that now it was time to make a new professional choice coming from the heart – not the logic, not the wallet, not the safety, but the heart! After having an intense conversation together we clarified her dreams and her skills – which always ended up to be supporting others – and she decided to become a life coach and follow her true calling. She pursuit the best coaching program that totally matched her values and beliefs as a person. She found these qualities at the International Coaching Academy (ICA).  She founded her studies with her savings, and leaped. That was the best decision she ever made!

Lucie will encourage you in every way that she can – no matter how well or not she knows you. She will never judge you and will always be empathetic towards you. She has always been supportive of every person that came through her path. This is how she acts towards me every single day!

Written by Vanessa, Switzerland, 2020

I Would Like To Introduce You To vanessa, your body coach.

Childhood and growing up

Vanessa's childhood
Vanessa's childhood

As a middle child, she was rather calm and introverted. She found joy and friends during various sports activities.

She moved to Munich for her studies of computer science to become a Software and System Engineer. A year later, she moved to Berlin, which soon became the center of her life for the next seven years.​

Sports Experience

Vanessa demonstrating fencing to a friend at the Zurich Lake
Vanessa demonstrating fencing to a friend at the Zurich Lake

In her childhood, she got the opportunity to experience a variety of sports – from ballet, field athletics, tennis, and basketball to fencing, which she practiced actively for almost 20 years. She often remembers how her mother would drive her to different regions in Germany to participate in fencing competitions. During one of these events, she got to know her now (and for many years) best friend, discovering early that real friendship goes beyond the borders of cities or countries. While studying abroad, the local fencing club was always for her the anchor and first social contact point.

After moving to Berlin and being surrounded by nature with beautiful lakes, she fell in love with rowing. She actively practiced this on-water sport for several years until a chronic injury to her forearm let her switch to an equal passion, which was – and still is – the long-distance running. While running and training with professional running companions, she learned the importance of core exercises and balancing for a healthy body and to reach the best performance. By strengthening her muscles, she could extend her runs from 20 minutes duration to half-marathon level (21,09 km).

Dreaming of finishing a marathon (with an optimal posture until the finish line), she is still training in indoor gyms and at home, making a healthy and strong body a priority. After a discovery journey through body strengthening machines, group fitness classes, personal training, and cross-fit, she is now training herself to build her musculoskeletal system through the practice of weight lifting, functional exercises, and mobilization training. She is specializing in functional training, functional box workout, stretching, mobilization, and nutrition.

Coming Out

Vanessa reaching the highest point in the Indian Ocean at 3,070 m
Vanessa reaching the highest point in the Indian Ocean at 3,070 m

Growing up in a family consisting of independent women taught her that leading a life on her own was a valid option. Living alone wouldn’t decrease the chances of her being happy. She never felt the need to force herself into being in a relationship so that she wouldn’t be on her own. Her motto has always been that she rather be single than in an unhappy unfulfilling relationship with some man. So by following her personal choice, she led a single life for over a decade – knowing that her happiness would not depend on someone else. Nevertheless, she experienced various failed attempts trying to be in love and have a relationship with a man. When working in an environment of being the only woman among 40 men, she was still wondering why there was no one attracting her. ​

She was scared to become even more an outsider in her social life. On various occasions throughout her life – from classmates (and sports teachers ;-)) in school as a teenager to sports partners as an adult – she somehow knew that she had some feelings for women that were beyond friendly. She was scared of these feelings. Not knowing how to handle them and how to behave, made her feel uncomfortable in the presence of her secret crushes. It still wasn’t clear what was going on inside of her when being around these women. She feared being caught and judged. She wasn’t ready to face these feelings, so she suppressed them. Since she didn’t know how to handle these emotions, she preferred to keep them locked in where it was safer.

At the age of 35, thanks to some significant circumstances, she  decided that she was done with hiding and realized that now it’s the right time to clarify what she really wanted. It took a lot of courage and lonely paths to get out of her then comfort zone. In fast forward mode, she went from a ‘long term single sports enthusiast’ to a ’35-year-old teenager’ starting over to discover her sexuality and feelings. Being finally out to herself, she came out to her family and friends, who responded positively, curiously, and supportively. After these revelations, she decided to not hide ever again.

Vanessa found it already hard to meet men – so how could she get in contact with women that love women? Soon after her coming out, she decided to register in a dating app where she met her first girlfriend. 

the ONE Relationship

Vanessa creating memories
Vanessa creating memories

She gave up a safe and cozy life in Berlin. Vanessa started her Ph.D. studies on data science and wearable devices for monitoring patients with chronic diseases at the ETH in Zurich. She was in a place in her life where she knew what she wanted and now needed to go for it. Some months after moving to the foreign country, this relationship was coming to its end.​

Going out on her own always meant for Vanessa to take all her courage and leave her comfort zone. Putting herself into this position always rewarded her in the form of positive experiences and encounters. During a bar evening, she met her second girlfriend. Love wasn’t as mutually strong as Vanessa was hoping, and some months later, this relationship reached harmoniously to an end. Through mutual respect and appreciation, they built a beautiful friendship.

Vanessa and I met in Zurich through her previous girlfriend in 2016. We became friends, and one year later, the right time had come for both of us to take a step forward together. Since Mai 2017, I have the honor of calling Vanessa my girlfriend! Having a positive attitude towards recognizing an obstacle and how to grow from it made a difference in our relationship and in our lives. One of our main common goals since we met has been the thirst to develop into the person we wanted to become but never dared to even try before. We decided to follow our dream of becoming coaches together every step of the way by each one offering what she is most best at. We agreed that we will never lose focus on our goal, which is to live a life full of joy and emotional fulfilment through supporting others

Ready to support you

Vanessa snowshoeing on a Swiss mountain
Vanessa snowshoeing on a Swiss mountain

In 2018 she registered into an empowering self-growth mentoring program that helped her develop and discover her strongest qualities and her life mission: to support others through sports. During this self-growth program, she learned that to achieve your goals and find out what your capabilities are, you need to be grounded, focused, present, and mindful. In essence, you need to connect to yourself. She was introduced to meditation, which turned out to be a life-changing practice for her.​

Regardless of our different temperaments, we are both people that strongly feel the need to support others. She is gifted for having this calm energy, making you trust that she always got your back – cause she does. As a trainer, she is very positive and patient no matter what is the level of achievement of the person she took under her wing. Vanessa loves to cheer others up and let them know – thanks to her positive and unbelievably un-judgmental personality – how unique and special they are. She will hold your hand tightly till the finish line of each one of your goals. She is holding mine every single day!

Written by Lucie, Switzerland, 2020

Enough about us, It's all about yOU !!!

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Testimonial of Diana

When I decided to start my sessions with The Coming Out Coaches, I was stuck in a constant loop of negative self-talking, while being so exhausted by hating my body.
After my sessions with them, there has been an amazing transformation: it is the first time in my life that at last I look at me with compassion and offer myself genuine acts of self-care!
With the mind coaching, Lucie helped me form new thought patterns to protect me from and finally get rid of my negative inner dialogues and look at myself as the universe’s first priority. She also taught me the ultimate and most long-term skill of self-care: cooking delicious and healthy meals to nurture my body and mind!
With the body and nutrition coaching, Vanessa helped me understand the basics of nutrition, and how this can complement my goals on improving my self-image. Topping it with a set of exercises to strengthen my body and help me improve my everyday movements, I feel stronger and more confident than ever!
Diana, 37, Switzerland

Testimonial of Aya & Pascale

The time with Lucie and Vanessa was very educational and inspiring.
We started to pay attention to things that changed our everyday life in a positive way.
We would recommend the coaching sessions with Lucie to anyone. With her positive, motivating, and intelligent way she always manages to make people laugh and think. Lucie responded very well to our needs and always took us one step further from coaching to coaching.
The body sessions with Vanessa were also characterized by positive events. As an enthusiastic athlete, she is very authentic and can respond extremely well to people and their goals. Thanks to Vanessa, we acquired knowledge that is still part of our everyday life today.
We thank them both from our hearts!
Aya (25) & Pascale (22), Canton of Aargau, CH
Multimedia production student & Car body work and paint

Testimonial of Brigitte

Originally, I wanted to get coached because of my diet cola addiction. I used to drink between 1.5 - 2 liters of cola every day. Several times I wanted to drink less, and I had never managed to do it. Lucie and I each had the coaching session via Skype. Already at the first meeting, I felt that Lucie could definitely help me. She was very sympathetic and sensitive to me. She recognized where my problems were, and she was able to ask the right questions at the first meeting. Many thoughts went through my head after the conversation. At the second meeting, we came a little closer to my problem. I realized that my unlimited cola consumption and my recurring eating attacks belonged together. Cola and food are comforts for me during a bad day, or out of boredom and loneliness.
Lucie has a great talent to recognize problems and to help. She inspired me to focus on good thoughts. With her help, I arranged my life differently. I had good conversations with my husband after a long time. I told him about my coaching and discussed with him how we could better arrange our life together. Since my coaching, we have been trying to have dinner together and share our news of the day. I have now filled my fridge with vegetables, salad, and healthy food. I treat myself to diet cola on special occasions, and then I enjoy it even more. Regarding the topic of sports, I regularly go for weight training and have started jogging again. I can't turn my plan into reality every day because I don't always feel well. But thanks to Lucie, I have learned to accept that there are also bad days. To be grateful for my good life and to enjoy it. Lucie could help me a lot, and I am so grateful to her.
I recommend Lucie very much. She asks the right questions. She recognizes the problems, supports you, and is a warm person.
Brigitte, 55, Ebikon, CH