About Us

We believe that behind each happy person, happy couple, happy throuple, happy family, happy friendship or happy society, are individuals that are living a fulfilling and joyful life by being true to themselves. If you wish to get to know us as individuals even before meeting us as coaches, here is the opportunity. Throughout our lives, we had beautiful and fruitful moments as well as critical challenges that shaped who we are today. With our personalities and passions, we will support you become the individual you always wanted to be. 

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Mind & Soul Coach
I am a certified life coach and I support you switch positively your perception towards yourself and others around you, increase your self-appreciation and confidence and be ready to live and speak your truth, in any way that matters to you the most. My personal experience has shown me that I am more liberated, happy and healthy when I speak and live my truth – as long as it is safe for me. Together we will discover and release aspects of who you are so you can feel free and enjoy your everyday life to the fullest!
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Body & Soul Coach
I am a certified breathing, fitness and nutrition coach that loves to inspire others to adopt a more active lifestyle. I am aware on how hard it can be to get out of your safety box and how physical activity and mindfulness can help you overcome your boundaries and find the courage to live the life you always wanted. Together we will discover how you can breathe, eat and move in a way that feels right to you, be more confident, stronger, and increase your performance. Not only because it's healthy, but because it reflects the real you!

The Coming Out Coaches

We knew that by combining our talents and passions, we could offer an exceptional and transformational holistic coaching approach to single individuals or groups. For us, supporting others to live a life by being true to themselves became the ultimate purpose. After brainstorming our thoughts and ideas, The Coming Out Coaches became a reality! Coming out to yourself, coming out to your environment, coming out to the world, coming out to life and to happiness. Our target audience is human-beings and, more specifically, Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals, Transgenders, Queers/Questionnings, Intersexes, Asexuals, Straights, and through the “+” all the rest that don’t identify themselves from the prementioned categories. We aim to support you be whoever you want to be, overcome any feeling of isolation and lonliness, and increase your happiness.

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