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Dare to follow your heart and live your truth!

Understand who you are. Appreciate your authentic self. Live and speak your truth. 

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Be yourself!

We are The Coming Out Coaches, and we support all individuals to live and speak their truth, no matter what that means to each person.

We believe that there is no right or wrong way of living, of being and of loving but only what makes sense to us and what fulfills us.  

We support you transform how you perceive yourself, your body, your life and others around you so you can enjoy your everyday and appreciate deeply this amazing and unique human that you are.

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The Coming Out Coaches facilitated an impactful event for our team. Lucie and Vanessa’s thought-provoking presentation challenged us and led to meaningful conversations following the session.

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our message on coming out

We Support You

Come out in every possible aspect!

our approach

We combine mind & body


Who am I?

Discover and understand who you are and who you want to become.  Increase your self-awareness and presence.



Transform your self-perception, stop the negative self-talk and appreciate the amazing person that you are.


Life decluttering

Put an order into your life and get clear on what it is you want and what it is you don’t want any longer.


Me & others

Understand who are your people, define the relationships you wish to have and share with them your truth and who you are.


Heart & dreams

Once your confidence and self-appreciation has increased, define what will be your longer term goals and life visions.


Functional Breathing

Adopt conscious breathing into your daily life and transform how you feel about yourself and your life.


Body Transformation

Get control over your body by understanding which food and movement is aligned with who you are.


overall performance

Be more focused and excel in all fields of your life. Be a better companion, athlete, professional and even human.

Coaching Platform

Platform for personal transformation

Coaching Platform

We have launched our platform The Gay Side of Life

Based on our coaching experience, we identified fundamental topics that we deliver to you as courses and programs. They are presented as self-paced courses or provided through live online classes in small groups. 

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Breathing & Beyond

The combined power of Oxygen Advantage® and Neuro-Athletics (z-Health®) to improve the quality of your life.

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Overcoming Overwhelm

A mini-program combining body & mind coaching to get liberated from overwhelm.

about us

We are Lucie & Vanessa

lucie podcast


Mind Coach

I am a certified life coach and I support you switch positively your perception towards yourself and others around you, increase your self-appreciation and confidence and be ready to live and speak your truth, in any way that matters to you the most. My personal experience has shown me that I am more liberated, happy and healthy when I speak and live my truth – as long as it is safe for me. Together we will discover and release aspects of who you are so you can feel free and enjoy your everyday life to the fullest!

I am a certified breathing, fitness and nutrition coach that loves to inspire others to adopt a more active lifestyle. I am aware on how hard it can be to get out of your safety box and how physical activity and mindfulness can help you overcome your boundaries and find the courage to live the life you always wanted. Together we will discover how you can breathe, eat and move in a way that feels right to you, be more confident, stronger, and increase your performance. Not only because it’s healthy, but because it reflects the real you!

vanessa podcast


Breathing, Neuroathletics & Nutrition Coach

What Clients Are Saying

The Coming Out Coaches helped me understand who I really was. I was always attracted to women but never knew that it was a part of me. I finally realized that I wanted a relationship with a man and a women. I got up the courage to tell my boyfriend that I would also like a girlfriend at some point and he was accepting of it. 

I feel so free now, even though I don’t have a girlfriend yet…but I know I have the freedom to look and be myself. This has given me more confidence and freedom to be myself. Thank you coming out coaches!


The minute I met Lucie, I knew that she was a person of deep empathy, kindness, consideration and understanding. With a passion for personal growth that is self evident, her journey spoke to me in a profound way. Although to date we have only connected virtually, each ‘meeting’ I have had with Lucie has left a great impact on me.

I was thrilled when I learned that Lucie’s partner is working together with her and her clients to balance healthy mind, body and nutrition. The power of the combination of the mind and the physical body cannot be underestimated and a story I have learned myself, all too well. I would encourage anyone who is seeking a greater understanding of themselves, or their place in this world to get in touch with them, it is a journey that will stay with you the rest of your life.
p.s. I look forward to the day when I can connect with Lucie and Vanessa in person, share a drink and discuss the wonder of life!

Female, currently discovering herself

Lucie and Vanessa are INCREDIBLE coaches. I participated in a webinar given by Vanessa to improve my breathing and it was very instructive. I am applying the advice she gave me and I have noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep.

Lucie is a HUGE support in my project. First of all, she has this ability to decode things and to transmit the information to me so that it is 100% understood. Also, she has a sensitivity that allows her to understand directly what someone is going through and to support them with all her heart.

Thank you so much for your great support The Coming Out Coaches.


When I decided to start my sessions with The Coming Out Coaches, I was stuck in a constant loop of negative self-talking, while being so exhausted by hating my body.

After my sessions with them, there has been an amazing transformation: it is the first time in my life that at last I look at me with compassion and offer myself genuine acts of self-care!

With the mind coaching, Lucie helped me form new thought patterns to protect me from and finally get rid of my negative inner dialogues and look at myself as the universe’s first priority. She also taught me the ultimate and most long-term skill of self-care: cooking delicious and healthy meals to nurture my body and mind!

With the body and nutrition coaching, Vanessa helped me understand the basics of nutrition, and how this can complement my goals on improving my self-image. Topping it with a set of exercises to strengthen my body and help me improve my everyday movements, I feel stronger and more confident than ever!

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